So Simple Theme

So Simple Theme

Looking for a simple, responsive, theme for your Jekyll powered blog? Well look no further. Here be So Simple Theme, the followup to Minimal Mistakes – by designer slash illustrator Michael Rose.

Build Status

So Simple Theme is all about:

  • Responsive templates. Looking good on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Gracefully degrading in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 9+ and all modern browsers.
  • Minimal embellishments and subtle animations.
  • Optional large feature images for posts and pages.
  • Custom 404 page to get you started.
  • Basic search capabilities
  • Support for Disqus Comments

screenshot of So Simple Theme

See a live version of So Simple hosted on GitHub.

Getting Started

So Simple takes advantage of Sass and data files to make customizing easier. These features require Jekyll 2.x and will not work with older versions of Jekyll.

To learn how to install and use this theme check out the Setup Guide for more information.

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